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Meet us

Vada is a project by Valentina and Daniel (Va-Da) that was born from the idea that it is possible to create interesting and trendy products from materials that other people have thrown away and that make their way into the natural environment.

We have always been drawn to the idea of giving new life to materials and antiques. We had been discussing this idea for some time when in 2013 we finally decided to create a purse made from inner tube for a friend’s birthday. We had already seen works from various people before us who had thought of giving new life to materials that could possibly harm the environment if thrown away.

This is how our adventure started. From then on, we have realized more and more just how much joy this creative work has given us, especially the design of new models and discovery of new techniques that allow us to enhance our products and innovate.

We have always been careful to avoid producing unnecessary waste, and this led us to start transforming everything we saw into something new and different.

Combining our ideas, enthusiasm and experience, we came to Vada, a project that has given wings to our imagination.

All of us in our own way can contribute to this collective conscience to avoid waste by paying careful attention to our personal consumption!